Mira Sprint Multi-Fit White 8.5kW Electric Shower

The Mira Sprint Multi-fit electric shower is developed by the proud manufacturers, Kohler Mira Ltd with impressive technology and design. The ultimate and modern solution for heating water Mira sprint electric showers has power ranging from 8.5 kW to 10.8 kW. The technology of  Mira sprint shower makes it best among others. The color range will match any decor setting of your washroom and it will add to the beauty of your washroom.

With an experience of over 90 years, Mira Sprint multi-fit becomes an outstanding timeless product. It develops an ingenious design and technology in showering. The easy to use technology and built-in safety options facilitate the whole family.


  • Power

Mira Sprint Electric shower range is available in three powers; 8.5kW, 9.5kW, 10.8kW. User-friendly technology supplies the combination of great design and the latest technology. The range of power facilitates the user to choose the power according to his necessity. 

  • Pressure Stabilize Temperature Control

The Mira Sprint showers have the latest technology for maintaining pressure in your unit. The lower the pressure the higher the rate of temperature, so the Mira pressure stabilizer helps to maintain temperature as well. This technology will help to secure you from scalding. It will maintain your chosen showering temperature.

  • Clear Scale Technology

Mira has a unique clear scale technology that makes your shower unit free of limescale build-up. This will improve the life of the shower unit by 50%.  Clear scale technology ensures the consistent flow of water and enhancing the showering experience.

  • Latest design

The Mira sprint electric showers are designed to contemperate the luxurious look of your washroom. The illuminating push start and stop button are easy to use. Moreover, it also retains the pressure and temperature setting each time the shower is used.

The separate temperature and pressure control rotators give you freedom of use. The rotating power option comes in three settings; low, Eco, and high. It also has a built in feature of auto shutdown for unfavorable circumstances.

  • Cold Mains only

The Mira Sprint Electric shower will operate on cold mains only. It heats water on demand as soon as you switch on the water it will start working. It doesn’t rely on the boiler’s stored hot water.

  • Eco-friendly

The Eco-friendly Mira sprint saves the water by 30% on the Eco mode.  When you switch to the Eco mode the water flow will not reduce and consistent flow is a guarantee.

  • Spray Pattern

The 110mm electric showerhead has 4 spray patterns to give you great coverage.  These innovative patterns will give you greater options to choose from the stronger to the soothing pattern.

Prominent Features
ControlsPush button start/stop,
Rotatory power and temperature control.
Adv. Features
Clearscale technology,
Pressure Stabilize Temperature Control,
low pressure indicator.

Mira Sprint Multi-Fit White 8.5kW Electric Shower


  • Low-pressure illuminator

The low-pressure illuminator will start flaring when the pressure is reduced to the minimum level due to any obstruction. This will secure you from harmful temperatures risen.

  • Consistent Showering

The Clear-scale technology and the rub-clean nozzles enable a consistent flow of water for a powerful showering experience.

  • Easy Replacement

Mira sprint showers are a perfect replacing option for your older shower due to the adjustable slide bar that fits over the holes of your previous shower. Moreover, it has multi water and cable inlets to give you an easy replacement option. There are top-bottom, rear, left and right cable and water entry points.

  • Easy Cleaning

Mira sprint electric shower is very easy to maintain for higher efficiency. The rub-clean nozzles are very convenient to clean by a soft wet cloth. The beautiful body can be cleaned out by a cloth while the filter should be cleaned periodically by a professional.

  • Available Color 

Two colors are available in Mira Sprint showers that is, white and chrome. The white is a universal color that can match any interior setting of your washroom. It will give a brighten look to your washroom and chrome finish will add elegance and a luxurious look to it.

  • Product Guarantee

The Mira Sprint multi-fit will benefit the guarantee of the material and workmanship for over a period of two years.  During this period Mira Sprint electric shower spares and parts can be replaced by their technicians. The guarantee applies to the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Ultimate flexibility:

The flexible fitting is provided for convenient installation and adjustment. It also helps to cover over existing screw holes to give it a perfect look.

  • Complete Package:

The package of Mira Sprint electric shower includes a slide bar and support,  a flexible hoze, soap dish, adjustable clamp brackets assembly.

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  • Illuminating easy to use push start button.
  • Separate temperature and pressure control smooth rotators
  • Once you set the required temperature on your shower unit, just push the start button. No need to set the temperature each time you use the unit.
  • illuminating low power indicator.
  • No phased shutdown leaves residue water

Mira Sprint Multi-Fit White 8.5kW Installation guide

Final words

Mira. Sprint Multi-fit electric showers are a quality product that you will thankful to, after purchasing. It will add luxury and style to your living. The contemporary design, consistent flow, temperature regulator, and the illuminating push start button will give you a peaceful showering bliss.

The unique safety features like the low-pressure stabilizer, temperature stabilizer, and auto shutdown will give you relief and contentment towards the safety of your loved ones from scalding. To enjoy the full potential of your shower unit please follow the Mira sprint electric shower manual. It will also guide you on how to fit a Mira sprint electric shower and setup of the product. The product is approved to fulfill the safety standards of  WRAS and KIWA UK.

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