• Metallic silver
  • Thermostatic
  • Automatic shut down
  • Phased shut down
  • Extra-large showerhead
  • Large digital display
  • Warm-up mode
  • Low-pressure signal
  • Triple mode shower spray
  • Push-fit connection
  • Convenient installation
  • Rub clean nozzles
  • Coldwater supply only
  • Separate dials for temperature and flow
  • Two years Guarantee


Beauty with efficacy is another name for Bristan products. Bristan Joy Shower is an elegant thermostatic shower made for your modern bathroom. Prepare five-liter warm water per minute. The showerhead is mounted on a 1.5 m long water hose.

Most convenient installation; five electrical and five water inlet points make it easy to attach to supplies. Its unique push-fit connection technique fits it well in the wall, no difficult plumbing is needed. Usage of the device is super easy that your young kids can handle it without any hazard.

The Bristan Joy Shower starts with a warm-up mode that prepares the water temperature as per your instructions. The power button turns the color when the temperature is attained.
Thermostatic Bristan shower is a smartly designed safe device that lets you arrange temperature setting as the device shuts down automatically when attains the required temperature.

Thermostatic showers regulate the temperature by adding cold water to hot water dynamically. A larger digital display on the device is quite visible even in steam caused low visibility.
As for the namesake, the shower uses electricity to warm up the water that is the reason that it is connected to the cold water supply. Separate dials are mounted for water flow and temperature regulation. Water and temperature adjustment between the two is very easy. Now you can extend your shower with this best quality joy shower joyfully.

The showerhead is beautiful to look at. It is designed with nozzle shower openings that are easily remove away all limescale just by a little bit of rubbing. You can rub clean the showerhead that looks like a new one.
Manufacturer of the devices provides 2 years guarantee of the product.


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