Low Pressure Electric Shower

Low-Pressure Electric Showers

Standing under the shower in the morning, with little dripping water is indeed a frustrating experience. It won’t give a fresh start to a new day. The low-pressure electric shower is the best solution if you are caught in such a situation. At least it’s better than if, after wasting time under such a shower, one would right away think for the next time to take a bath instead.

In this shower review, we are going to give you the list of low-pressure electric showers.

The List of Low-Pressure Electric Shower

Here comes the list of the top-selling and best low-pressure electric shower. These are the highest performing electric showers that are best suitable for your cold mains plumbing system. All you need is to choose which of these showers suits best to your power supply and water entry points.

High End

Mira Elite SE

Budget Friendly

Triton T80si

Triton T80si

1. Mira Elite SE: The most powerful Pumped Electric Shower

If you have an unsatisfactory shower just because of low pressure, then you need to install this pumped electric shower. This pumped electric shower is compatible only with a cold water tank supply. With this cold-water connection, this pumped electric shower gives a boost to the water at low pressure.

Prominent Features
  • Stylish design
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use controls
  • Most suitable for low-pressure water supply
  • Silent pump
  • Mira Clean-Flo filter
  • 4 spray patterns
  • High power supply; 9.8kW
  • Easy installation
  • BEAB approved
  • 2 years warranty
Pumped electric shower


Mira Elite SE Pumped Electric Shower does its work silently with a strong and consistent flow of water. This shower has a power supply of 9.8 kW, and 10.8 kW so that it can work well with low pressure and you can select the shower according to your needs. The stylish-looking shower in white and chrome will give a perfect look to your bathroom.

The shower is user-friendly with easy control power and temperature buttons. The shower head has four spray patterns to satisfy everyone at home. Cleaning and maintenance of a shower have always been a difficult task but not with Mira Elite SE pumped shower as it features the Mira Clean-Flo filter.

This feature allows self-cleaning of the shower, which prevents the shower from limescale, providing a strong and steady flow of water.

Furthermore, this model of Mira is approved by the BEAB flag. When a product has got a BEAB mark on it, then it is ensured that the water temperature will stay +/-1 degree for a safe and protected shower experience.

 2. Triton T80si: Stylish Pumped Electric Shower

The best-selling brand of electric showers, Triton presents a fantastic model of a pumped electric shower, Triton T80si. It will be the best shower to solve the problem of low pressure. After connecting with the cold-water supply tank, this pumped shower will give you the best experience of the shower with a boost in pressure.

Prominent Features
  • Stylish design in white and chrome
  • Strong rail
  • User-friendly
  • Digital number dial for temperature
  • Easy to use controls
  • Most suitable for low-pressure water supply
  • 3 spray patterns
  • High power supply; 8.5kW
  • Easy installation
  • BEAB approved
  • 1-year warranty
Low pressure electric shower

This pumped electric shower has been designed to work where all the other brands of ordinary electric showers fail. It is compatible only with a cold-water supply. The unit provides three levels of temperature with a digital number dial and the showerhead gives three different spray patterns as well. This pumped shower comes in white and chrome and with a sturdy rail and a wide showerhead.

In addition to this, this pumped electric shower has been approved by BEAB. It is an absolute classic product to lift the water pressure to the desired level of the user. This pumped shower is reliable and will give you a far better experience than a standard electric shower.

3.Triton Tank-fed Affordable Pumped Shower

Triton Tank-fed pumped shower is another amazing product of the Triton brand. This model is even more durable, stronger, and reliable than the previous one. This pumped shower works tremendously in the areas facing the low-pressure issue and is compatible with cold-water supply only.

Prominent Features
  • Quiet and slim
  • Tank-fed version
  • Double temperature protection
  • Easy to use controls
  • Most suitable for low-pressure water supply
  • 5 spray patterns
  • Stylish design in white and chrome
  • High power supply; 8.5Kw
  • Easy installation
  • BEAB approved
  • 1-year warranty
pumped electric showers

This is a tank-fed version of electric pumped showers with an integrated pump. Triton has introduced this model with the latest technology, which makes the pump quiet, and slim. Its sound is not irritating and the size is easy to install anywhere. The shower body and rail come in white and chrome with a wide shower having five spray patterns.

One outlet sensor is activated when the temperature gets too hot to reduce the heating power, and the second sensor turns off the heating power under extreme operating conditions. It has the approval of BEAB.

4. Redring Expressions 570: Sleek design Pumped Electric Shower

Redring Expressions 570 is another quality pumped electric shower, introduced by the Redring brand. This is the shower, which provides the convenience of a good electric shower experience in the areas where there is low water pressure. This shower is made of a combination of a standard electric shower and a pump.

Prominent Features
  • Overheat protector
  • User-friendly
  • Stylish body in white and chrome colors
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Rotary power control
  • High power supply: 9.5Kw
  • BEAB and CE approved
  • 2-years warranty
Low pressure electric shower


The Redring Expressions 570 pumped electric shower is very trendy because of its quality and efficiency. This shower unit is supplied with a handset, flex, soap dish, and a slide rail kit. This model of Redring features overheat-protection and simple to use rotary control. It has been approved by BEAB and CE.

This pumped electric shower uses only a cold-water supply. It also comes in white and chrome and its wide showerhead consists of multiple spray patterns. It is a high-power electric shower that makes a pleasing shower possible for its customers.


Features of an low pressure electric shower

To understand why it happens, you first need to know about the things that are directly related to your shower and strongly affect its performance. Only then you will be in a position to fix this problem and enjoy your shower.

Factors Affecting Shower Performance

  • Power Supply

The factor which affects the working of an electric shower the most is the power supply. The power supplied to the shower keeps the water warm and ready to use every time. The amount of warm or hot water produced by the shower is directly connected with the power rate, measured in kW.

What does that mean to you? It means that the higher the rate of kW, the higher will be the rate of flow and force of water will be. If this rate of power is low, the pressure of water will become low as well.

  • Water Pressure

Water pressure is the measure of the force with which water runs through the pipes. It is measured in bars, where one bar is capable of rising water up to 10 meters.

Every water supply company ensures to provide a certain level of pressure for every home. Still, this water pressure is often affected by various factors like the location of the house, hilly or far from the water source, and water drawn by the neighbors.

What could be the problem?

As a matter of fact, if you start experiencing a consistently low water pressure in your electric shower, there is a possibility to have various reasons.

  1. Your water connection might be faulty and has a plumbing issue. Immediately call for a plumber to check if there is any leakage in the connection or some other problem.
  2. If the water connections are not faulty and good at work, then you might not be getting the promised amount of water from the water supply company.
  3. The power supplied to your electric shower might not be enough to provide maximum pressure. Low power will provide low pressure and will drain out little water.
  4. If the water pressure on other taps is normal but low on the showerhead, then it might be the case that the shower is placed quite high. The extra height of the hose of the shower also slows down the pressure.
  5. Lime-scale and dirt also become an obstacle and lower down the water pressure through the showerhead. The showerhead should be properly cleaned on regular basis to get rid of dirt and limescale. Anti-limescale technology is used in many electric showers to avoid this problem.
  6. An electric shower only works under a cold mains supply. If the situation gets reversed, the water pressure will be affected as a reaction.

How to Increase the Pressure of Electric Shower?

If you want to increase the pressure of your electric shower, you have various options, such as:

  1. Before doing anything, check your showerhead if it’s clean. There shouldn’t be any dirt or limescale inside the nozzles of the showerhead. Also, check the shower hose if it has any damage or kinks. If recently some plumbing work has been done, look for the main valve if it’s open or half-closed. It also lowers down the water flow and pressure.
  2. If the showerhead is not clean or badly blocked, all you need to do is to replace your old showerhead with a new one. The new showerhead with clean nozzles, fresh hose, and unblocked spouts will make a huge difference, and will surely increase the water pressure.
  3. If everything else is perfect and flawless, but the water pressure is still low, you can consider fitting a water pump or a pressurized cylinder that will increase the flow and pressure of water tremendously. It will boost the water pressure up to 40%, but you need to check whether your existing shower can be accommodated with a pump or not.
  4. Another solution to deal with this issue is to get a power shower. A powers shower uses both the hot and cold water and provides the potential to the water flow through the electric water pump. A power shower is capable of providing 3 times more pressure than an ordinary electric shower.


As an ending note, we hope that this review would have helped to solve your issues related to the low-pressure electric shower. Now you have some options to replace your useless electric shower with a pumped electric shower to give you a satisfying experience under your shower.

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