It is easier to select an attractive shower that is affordable, but you have to consider some points first, such as water pressure, boiler type you have in your home, and no of people using the shower at the same time. You also have to think about the shower’s design, how much power it would be, and how much you can easily give up the performance of the design. So, in this article, we will provide you a brief comparison of the two best showers, Triton and Mira showers.

Mira Shower

Mira shower is considered to be excellent because of its Airboost technology. This technique forces air from the shower to speed up the water flow up to 30 percent except using any extra water, resulting in Mira and an eco-friendly shower option.

The modern technology shows two patented remodelings: Firstly, Clearscale, which increases the shower life by decreasing the build-up-of limescale up to 50%, and secondly Sensiflow, which maintains the temperature to reach up to the hazardous level in case of blockage in hose or head.

Moreover, pressure stabilized temperature keeps the exact temperature of the shower, and you can adjust it with a temperature push button and separate power to continue the ideal shower experience.

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Triton Shower

Triton is considered to be a fantastic shower because of the minor installations in it. It is designed appropriately to fit smoothly in modern bathroom designs. It provides contemporary ways to enhance their bathroom’s display.

Except cleaning the shower, it contains inbuilt limescale resistant shutdown which flooded cold water before off. Limescale decreases the water flow as it clogs the showerhead. The head is composed of scale-resistant materials.

For satisfaction, it provides settings for water spray. It shows a range from gentle to forceful jet patterns for massage. It can be controlled by the start and push-button for an ideal showering experience.

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Triton Vs Mira Shower

ADVANCE FEATURESPhase shut down technology
Clearscaleâ„¢ technology
Thermostatic temperature stabilityThermostatic temperature stability
5 spray patternsFive spray showerhead
Low-pressure indicatorSensi-flo helps prevent scalding
Safety cut-out
Over heat cut out
CONTROLSPush-button on/offPush-button on/off
Separate temperature and flow controlsSeparate temperature and flow controls

Which Is Better?

Triton shower is more in fame than Mira because the latter one is quite expensive. But Mira has a unique look and much robust as compared to Triton. The Mira showers contain more oversized showerheads than other electric shower brands comprising four flow settings.

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