Chrome electric showers are considered as energy efficient and reasonable choice for bathroom now a days. These electric showers usually connect directly to the supply of cold water and heat water when used. According to the features and pressure of water jet you need, electric shower can be purchased cheaply. Few of them are installed by homeowner and there is no need to hire an electrician for it separately.

This article includes the review of the four top electric showers available in the market and describes their salient features and characteristics in detail. You must read comprehensive buying guide which explains the pros and cons of getting an electric shower and it helps which model you should go for.

1. Mira Escape Electric shower

If you want to save electricity and water supply then you should go for Mira escape electric shower. Its charming design enhances the look of the washroom. Its external filter the showerhead also informs you when to be cleaned. The four spray patterns maintain the temperature and provide the desired showering pattern while you are having shower.

Prominent Features
  • It comes with thermostatic temperature control
  • Comprises of elegant chrome design
  • Long lasting shower
  • 2 Year lifelong warranty
chrome electric shower



The main feature is that it never stores the hot water in it to nullify the lime scale build-up effect. It is actually safe to use and reasonable for the entire family. Its power range is available between 9.0kw and 9.8kW.

The Mira escape plus 9.0kW electric shower includes 110mm showerhead and 9.8kW has a higher flowing rate. You can fix the previous holes with the help of this showerhead.

2. Aspirante Brushed Steel Electric Shower

If you are looking for a quality shower then you should opt for Aspirante. It has some extra features but the shower is not so complicated which confuses it with the look. This simple electric shower by Triton is best for the spa feeling. Its operation is so simple to use just like its style so that the whole family can use it easily.

The Triton Aspirante electric showers come with Brushed steel finishing, consisting of unique style builds and a slime line feature.

Prominent Features
  • It comes with simple style builds and a slim line.
  • Smooth and easy-grip along with temperature control knob.
  • A showerhead with five adequate spray patterns


It can be easily used in different types of shower enclosures and washroom sizes. The power buttons are operated with a gentle press and illuminated. It remembers your shower settings, so you can utilize your personal shower experience always. It consists of gentle temperature control knob and easy grip.

It has a phase shutdown safety feature in it that guarantee hot water is flushed from the system as soon as when it is switch off. It consists of a showerhead having rub clean nozzles and five satisfying spray patterns.

3. Aqualisa Quartz Electric Heated Shower

It is an award winner shower because of its simple control system having push buttons with backlit digital display and smooth temperature dial. It is a well-designed electric shower, available in different colors with a contemporary graphite design. It is larger than the average shower head (measures 105 m) and comes with 5 spray patterns.

Prominent Features
  • Provide outstanding cost-effective water flow
  • Easy to install
  • Builtin Safety features
chrome electric shower


You can also change between inner jets for a firm massage and gentle spray from outer jets for cleaning the body. As compared to the other showers, Aqualisa Quartz consists of over temperature protection safety device which maintains the water from raising to a certain high temperature.

It also has a Phased Shutdown feature which avoids lime scale build up by running cold water by the system for 7 seconds when the switch is off.

4. Triton T80z Fast Fit

Because of its compact design, this model of Triton is extremely flexible and simple to install in a small bathroom space. It can be easily installed in the substitution of your old shower and you do not need to hire a plumber to perform this fitting done for you.

Triton’s Dura-Flow technology is really what makes this electric shower the finest electric shower. This technology is ideal in dealing with the lime scale, thus preventing the shower from having a clog. It has a range of power from 7.5kW to 10.5kW.

Prominent Features
  • Range of spray pattern
  • Simple Temprture Adjutment
  • Affordable
chrome electric shower


The most fascinating aspect about this model is that once you press the start button, you don’t need to bother about the temperature changes or power correction each time. Nevertheless, the change of setting is simple with the assistance of accessible big dial.

The showerhead offers five distinct spray patterns ranging from a gentle mist to a jet. The showerhead is simple to take apart and to clean as well.

5. Triton Aspirante Electric Shower – Gun Metal 

With a simple press of the start/stop button, the soft touch lighted buttons bring your shower to life and then turn it off again. The dial temperature control is very simple to use and ingeniously remembers your chosen bathing temperature for each subsequent shower.

Triton’s Aspirante Enhance shower head is the wonderful addition to any bathroom. Due to the attractive polished chrome finish, it provides exceptional performance, functionality, and aesthetics.

Prominent Features
  • 3 spray patterns
  • Automatic shutdown technology
  • Slimline brushed steel finish
  • Affordable


Three spray patterns are included on the shower handset, allowing you to customize your shower experience. This shower has a 1.25m long anti-twist shower hose to provide optimum flexibility and avoid kinks when bathing. They’re hygienic and match your shower nicely.

This shower has an innovative shut-down function to provide a safer bathing experience for the whole family. This function enables you to select a maximum temperature and an automated shutdown will occur if the water temperature rises, preventing you and your family from being scalded accidentally.


Hopefully, this article has clarified issues and cleared any uncertainty around the choosing of the finest chrome electric shower. This article has been created using a range of well-known brands that are widely recognized and capable of fulfilling the user’s expectations in a pleasant manner.

All of them have favorable ratings and are affordable for everyone. We hope that our chrome showers evaluation has addressed a few of your concerns and aided you in making your final choice

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