Triton showers are famous in the world of electric showers for their outstanding design and advanced technological features. Triton Martinique is one such model of Triton that promises innovation and affordability at the same time. 

The chrome exterior of the Triton Martinique electric shower makes it look classy and modernized. The Triton Martinique is an excellent choice for looking for a slim, mid-range, and robust electric shower. It is an efficient electric shower that gives a spa-like feeling every time you stand under the shower.


  • Guarantee

Triton electric showers are one of the most reliable electric appliances. The Triton brand provides 2-year full parts and labor guarantee. It means that you can enjoy the pleasure of Triton Martinique for 2 years without any inconvenience. 

  • Safety Approval

Triton Martinique holds the safety approval from BAEB that makes it more reliable and durable bathroom electronic. 

  • Colors & Designs

Triton Martinique has a stylish exterior in classic white, satin chrome, and glossy black colors that make it look fantastic and suitable to add a luxurious look to your bathroom. The accessories of Triton Martinique are available in chrome color to make it adjustable with any color scheme.

  • Spray Patterns

The chrome Triton Martinique comes with a showerhead showering in 5 different spray patterns. These 5 patterns make Triton Martinique suitable for everyone in the house. These spray patterns include drench, rain, blast, jet, and spray. 

  • Simple Settings

This stylish Triton Martinique is modern yet a comfortable-to-use shower with simple settings. It provides independent power and temperature flow control to fine-tune your perfect storm. it has an on/off button so that you can keep the energy and temperature controls at your preferred settings.

  • Temperature controls

Triton Martinique is a savior with 3 basic temperature modes: Eco, cold, and hot. Each mode has 3 levels of low, moderate, and high, which all together give excellent temperature levels for the user to enjoy the shower.

The rotatory temperature dial is used to choose the best temperature for your shower. 

  • Stylish Body

The three colors and sleek body give it a stylish look and make it bendable with any wall or tile color of a bathroom.

  • Slimline Technology

Triton Martinique has got slimline technology that gives a slim, sleek, and compact look to the shower and makes the shower less obstructive. 

  • Phased Shutdown

The phased shutdown technology removes all the heated water from the shower after being turned off. It helps remove the limescale buildup in the shower, ensuring powerful water coming out of the showerhead

Power8.5, 9.5, 10.5 kW
Advance FeaturesSlimline technology
LED Low-Pressure Indicator
Phased Shutdown
5 spray patterns
ControlsPush-button on/off
Rotatory Temperature Dial



  • LED Low-Pressure Indicator

There is an LED low-pressure indicator that lights up to warn about the water pressure getting low. It helps in treating the low-pressure before it becomes an unpleasant experience during the shower. 

  • Anti-Twist Hose

Triton Martinique offers a 1m long chrome hose that helps avoid kinks and gives off the water with high pressure required. 

  • Power Rating

Triton Martinique is available in 3 power ratings: 8.5 kW, 9.5kw, and 10.5 kW, all working equally impressive. 

  • Installation

The Triton Martinique electric shower is easy to install. It can easily replace the old shower by following simple steps. There is an adjustable riser kit; this shows you can easily install it to cover up prevailing holes in tiles if you are replacing an old shower. You won’t be needing to call for an electrician or a plumber. 

  • Water & Power Connections

Triton Martinique comes with 2 water and 2 power connections. The power connections are available at the right bottom at the front and the right bottom at the back. The electric links are present at the front top right and the middle right of the backside. 

  • Ease of Cleaning

Triton Martinique provides ease of cleaning as the showerhead contains rubber nozzles. These rubber nozzles can be easily cleaned and can prevent the limescale buildup inside the showerhead. Due to this feature, it is an ideal non-digital electric shower.

  • Remembers Temperature

Triton Martinique has a unique feature of remembering the temperature once set by the user. The temperature does not change unless the user desires. This feature provides constant warm water flowing throw the showerhead. 

  • The best option at a low price

Triton Martinique is one of the best powerful electric showers in the market. If you are considering an electric shower and don’t have the budget for Mira’s shower, this could be the next possible option. Triton electric showers usually range about £100, having an RRP of £175. That means it’s occasional that showers sell for their real RRP.

  • Sleek and Modern look
  • LED Pressure indicator keeps alert
  • Phased shutdown protects limescale buildup.
  • Not ideal for low-pressure areas

Triton Martinique 10.5kW electric shower


The Triton Martinique is the ideal choice that provides a led indicator that alarms you if its performance is expected to be affected by less pressure. This confirms you are mindful of the problem as soon as probable and lets you take steps before it becomes the main issue. The controls are simple to use and have the option of three power settings and temperature control. Many people observed an irritating clicking sound while use and complained the temperature doesn’t get too hot. Besides, even though there is a low-pressure warning, a few customers practiced lower water pressure than expected.

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