The Aqualisa Quartz electric shower is an ultimate and modern solution for heating water immediately. Moreover, it is a reliable and compact design appliance that will give a fancy and luxurious look to your washroom. The Aqualisa Quartz Electric showers were launched in 2001 and due to its latest technology and design, it becomes an instantly popular and best-selling product in the UK.  Aqualisa Quartz electric shower is a unique and timeless product, the illuminating power button and a single temperature slider makes it easy to use.


  • Power

Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower is an electric shower available with 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 kW power. The Quartz electric supplies excellent design, user features, and excellent showering experience. This variety of power ranges from 8.5 to 10.5 is available to suit personal necessity. The variation of voltage provides a great user experience.

  • Simple and Elegant Design

Aqualisa Quartz Electric shower is a hallmark of simplicity and elegance. The simple to use push-button start and temperature control smooth glide enhances the beautiful showering experience. It is very well assembled and easy to use technology due to separate power and temperature control system. The smooth glide control is with a led indicator that flashes when water reaches the required temperature.

  • Over Temperature Control

The most important feature is over temperature control. The shower is built with a temperature regulator for a safe bathing experience for you and all of your family. The temperature regulator protects your family from selecting high temperatures and as a result, reduces the chance of an accident. Due to the built-in heat sensors, Aqualisa quartz electric shower is the best option for a family with young children.

  • Adjustable Shower Head

It is very modest and easy to use due to a single adjustable shower head with a diameter of 10.5 cm. The adjustable showerhead helps to adjust the height according to each individual.

  • Variant Spray Pattern

It has a harmony shower head with 5 spray patterns that are inner, outer, inner, and middle combined, middle, middle, and outer combined. You can choose from the most focusing inner pattern to the more soothing outer pattern according to your choice. Various spray patterns give superb showering bliss and excellent water flow.

  • Eco-friendly Harmony Shower

The harmony shower has an ecological saving feature that provides you with the best showering experience whilst saving 25% water. This eco-friendly shower does not create bubbles, delivering you a fuller spray to the bath.

  • Phased Shutdown

The phased shutdown decreases the limescale built up due to leftover water residual hence improves the life of your elegant shower. The phased shutdown flushes extra water by flowing for seven seconds after shutdown.

Prominent Features
ControlsPush-button start
Smooth glide to control the temperature
Adv. Features
Phased Shutdown
Over-temperature control
Spray Patterns
Dimensions105×506×290 mm
Aquiliza Quartz Electric Shower



  • Supplies Instant Hot water

The Equalizer quarts deliver instant hot water. You don’t need to wait for the water to reach your required temperature. It does not demand on stored hot water.

  • Anti-twist hose

The hose length is about 1.2 m moreover this outstanding electric shower comprises of the anti-twist hose. The anti-twist hose refrains from phasing out of water during bathing. It also provides a smooth water flow.

  • Economical

The Aqualisa Quartz electric shower with three different power ranges is very economical. The elegant and simplified design worth spending money on. As compared to other appliances with the same specs Aqualisa quarts have a very reasonable price and a great quality.

  • Easy Cleaning

The product is easy to clean and service. The build-up of limescale hinders the smooth flow of water. They have easy to clean nozzles so it avoids the limescale build-up.

  • Choice of three Finishes

The Aqualisa quarts are available with a choice of three finishes; Graphite, chrome, and white. The. three striking finishes will give you an extraordinary personal experience.

  • Other features

The electric shower is also provided with a gel hanger, easy click spray selector, and an adjustable height slider to give you an excellent user experience like never before. Moreover, there are substantial impressions for easy shower replacement.

  • Guarantee Available

The Aqualisa Quartz is available with two years guarantee. If there is any problem with the working or spare parts of your shower, it will be fixed within no time by their team. They also provide with after-sale services including; technical advice, change of spare parts, or servicing your shower.

  • Suitable for cold water Mains.

The Aqualisa quartz electric shower is built to suit cold water main only.

  • Anti-twist hose
  • LED indicator.
  • Over-temperature control.
  • Easy push-button start/stop
  • Smooth glide temperature control
  • Phases shutdown
  • 5 spray pattern
  • Ecological friendly.
  • Phased shutdown wastes water


  1. Pipe installation

Carefully remove the front casing from the black plate assembly. Pull the front casing clear by detaching solenoid connector and remove the service tunnel carefully and fix the unit to the wall. Flush through the water supply pipe. The pipework connection must be made using a 15mm compression elbow. Check for leaks by turning on the water supply to the unit.

  1. Electricity Installation

Turn off the electricity at the main-switch before connecting. The electrical installation should be done by a professional to avoid any disaster. The appliance must be earthed before installation. The socket must be located at least 3 meters for the shower cubicle.

  1. Voltage setup:

230 to 240 V current should be supplied to the shower unit and it must be connected to its independent electrical circuit. You can wire the shower directly to the consumer unit if A is having a main switch rating of 80A and B has a spare fuse. It should be installed by a professional.



The Aquiliza Quartz electric showers the bet shower with unique features and compact design is an ultimate luxury statement for your bathroom. This ergonomic design with the easy fitting and best water flow provides you a luxurious experience.

The unique temperature control system will deter any harm and accidental burning. The adjustable showerhead and easy to click various spray pattern makes the product worth buying.

Instalation of quartz electric shower is very easy but should be done by a professional. The product relies over BEAB safety standards.

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