The Mira sport max showers are proudly manufactured by Kohler Mira Ltd with patent technology and outstanding design. This is an ultimate and modern solution for heating water ranging from high to low according to your choice. Moreover, the reliability, designing, and latest Airbost technology make it stand among other appliances. The availability of two colors; white and chrome will give a fancy and luxurious look to your washroom.

Mira Sport Max is a unique and timeless product With an experience of over 90 years Kohler Mira developed an innovative design and technology in showering. The illuminating power button and different temperature options make it easy to use for the whole family.



Mira Sport Max electric shower is available in two power ranges; 9.0 and 10.8 kW.  They supply outstanding design and the latest robust technology to user-friendly two power ranges. The variety of power as an adequate 9.0 kW to the high 10.8 kW will suit different user experiences and necessity.

Patent Technologies

  • Airboost Technology:

Airboost technology raises the flow of water by 30 % without using any extra water. With this latest technology, you can rejoice a powerful showering experience. There is a separate illuminated button for airboost. With the airboost function enabled, the aerated water will flow with speed twice than normal speed.

  • Sensi flo™ Technology 

This technology will prevent scalding by mixing water technique when the pressure declines. The outstanding safety technique for you and your family makes it unique and reliable. The temperature change occurs due to various reasons including the low water level, blocked hose, or other running taps. The sensi flo technology turned the shower off to prevent scalding.

  • Anti-scale Technology:

Mira has a unique anti-scale technology that prohibits the build-up of limescale. This patent technology improves the life of your shower by 50%. It will also improve the working ability and flow of water to give you an excellent showering experience.

Latest design

When it comes to the design Mira sport max provides you with an excellent and latest design. The illuminating push start and stop button are easy and simple to use. The smooth temperature glider easily adjusts the required temperature. Besides temperature glider, three options are also given to regulate the temperature according to the weather.

You can select high for a warm shower in winters and low provides you with cold water in summers. The separate Eco and airboost option also enhance its uniqueness.


The Mira sport Max features Eco-friendly options. By turning the button on you can save some water.  Eco-mode saves water but does not reduce the consistent flow of water.

Variant Spray Pattern

The electric shower has 4 spray patterns with a 110mm shower head, that gives you wide coverage for showering. These innovative patterns range from soothing patterns like Rain and Rain+ and more powerful patterns like  Burst and Storm to revitalizing your day. You can select any pattern according to your choice

Phased Shutdown

The phased shutdown clarifies the system for the next user. When the electric shower is turned off the phased shut down will flush away residual water by flowing for some seconds after turning off. This will retain your shower from limescale development and hence increases its life and efficiency. The phased shutdown also reserves you from any unwanted temperature ranges and start giving the temperature according to your choice

Prominent Features
ControlsPush start/stop, temperature glider, High, Eco, and low.
Adv. Features
 Airboost technology
 sensi technology
 Anti scale
 Phased shutdown.
Spray Patterns
Guarantee2 years.


Flow Regulator

There is a unique feature of advanced flow regulator in Mira sport Max showering technology that will stabilize the temperature and flow of water. When the flow reduces the temperature of the water can be raised automatically but with Mira technology, the temperature is regulated by regulating the flow changes caused by pressure fluctuations.

Consistent Showering

The Anti-scale technology together with the phased shutdown and rub clean nozzles will enable consistent showering experience with no halts.

Easy Cleaning

Mira Sport Max is very easy to clean because of the rub-clean nozzles on the showerhead. These nozzles can be handily cleaned from limescale development with a soft cloth. It is essential to keep your shower in its original efficacy.

Color Availability

Mira sport max is available in two finishes; white and chrome. The white display will correspond to revolutionize any bathroom setting while chrome is a shiny dazzling finish that can complement any bathroom setting. The two finishes will renovate your washroom with the latest and stylish trend.

Product Guarantee

The Mira Sport Max with Airboost technology ensures the quality, craftsmanship, and material guarantee for a period of two years.

Safety Information

  1. The installation must be done by a qualified person.
  2. Use geniuine factory parts on replacement and servicing.
  3. Do not instal the system where it is directly exposed to freezing condition or steam rooms.
  4. The electrical and water supplies must be isolated before installation.
  5. The water supply must be isolated for longer inactive duration.
  • Available in two power ranges.
  • Airboost will assure high-pressure water by 30%.
  • anti-scalding due to sensi flo™ technology.
  • Built-in Anti limescale technology improves life and works efficiently.
  • Phased shutdown eliminated water residue.
  • Flow regulator feature.
  • Need more focused spray pattern.


The Mira Sport Max with Airboost technology electric shower is a range of unique featured and designed luxury showers. Its contemporary design and unique features give an ultimate luxury statement to your bathroom. This ergonomic design with patent technologies and the best water flow provides you a blissful experience.

The unique temperature and water flow regulator will deter any harm and accidental scalding. The white and chrome finishes give an extra luxurious look to your washroom. Certain illuminating  easy to click temperature setting and smooth glider worths this shower buying.

The Installation of Mira sport max should be done by a professional. The product is approved to fulfill the safety standards of  KIWA UK and WRAS

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