What is Kilowatt?

Importance of Power Supply in an Electric Appliance

The most important thing to consider before purchasing any electric appliance is its power supply. For instance, let us consider an electric shower. For an excellent result of an electric shower, you need to have an electric shower with more power. The high power will provide more energy to the electric shower to heat-up the water inside it.

kW; kilowatt

The kW is the unit for power supply. It is an abbreviation for kilowatt, where watt is the SI unit of power, and a kilo is its quantity.

When we see an electric shower, with 7.5 kW, it means that the energy consumed by that electric shower is 75000 watts. That energy is converted into thermal energy to heat up the water. With a 10.8 kW power supply, an electric shower will be able to heat water in less time and more efficiently as compared to the electric shower with a 7.5 kW power supply.

Maintains Temperature according to Need

This doesn’t mean that the 10.8 kW electric shower is always going to provide boiling water which may scald your skin. You can always control the temperature and manage it according to your needs. It can work as high as 10.8 kW and as low as 7.5 kW.

Low power causes Low-Pressure

An electric shower with a low power supply will always be a headache for you because a low power pressure will cause low pressure in the electric shower. You can never have an enjoyable experience under your shower until your shower has enough pressure and energy to perform its duty well. The task of an electric shower to heat water is power consuming. So, if you wish to have a satisfying experience of the shower, never compromise on the power supply. Give it a priority while considering a new electric shower.

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