Triton T300si Wireless Electric Shower

Triton T300si wireless electric shower has now extended past instant. The Triton T300si Wireless makes use of the latest wireless expertise to deliver you great styling, and direct setting up without demanding to retile your bathing room the up-to-date flush, becoming satin manage panel interconnects with the faraway power percent without the practice of a cable. It will be set at any place you want, either indoors or outdoors, of the showering area.

The water is heated inside the remote percent, with the water delivered to the showerhead through the ceiling riser rail. Triton T300si wireless electric shower has a showerhead and a riser rail. Specifications of the triton t300si new wireless expertise, distinct bathe panel, interconnects with power percent almost 10m away throughout the ceiling riser rail lessens disturbance to the bathing room.

This Triton T300si Chrome has been cunningly designed to conceal the electric power pack in the loft with the riser rail made through the ceiling for that up-to-date minimalist appearance.

The triton t300si parts include:

  • An Electric shower
  • Guarantee details
  • Rail riser kit (inc. brackets)
  • The installation manual
  • A shower hose
  • A Soapdish


  • Installation Area

The difficulty with inexpensive electric showers and the most luxurious ones, for that matter, is the installation area they prerequisite is not too flexible. There are specific fixed points that must be secured. This means installing triton t300si chrome in a new environment or matching up to present pipework is a lot tougher than it requires to be.

Triton t300si 10.5kw has integrated entry points for both cables and water feeds. Either your plumber is fitting this in a novel area or substituting out an old shower. The installation is relatively straightforward. The easy installation means that it is less expensive than the complicated structure.

  • Stabilizer Valve Assembly

Triton t300si instructions are present in the triton t300si wireless manual. The Triton 82600780 Stabilizer Valve Assembly is the actual Triton product, enclosed by a manufacturer’s guarantee. It comprises of white plastic. It is designed for practice with the Remote and Wireless versions of the Triton Aspirante and Triton T300si.

  • Ease of Use

There’s nothing complicated about the triton t300si 10.5kw. If you have purchased the triton t300si 10.5kw  version stated here, there is a chance it might be too prevailing, and that is not an issue either. There are five flow rate settings. Most of them stick to the utmost flow rate setting. Though there is also an option to switch to ECO mode, and for rinsing, there is also a cold setting.

  • Temperature control

The water temperature is changed by surging or lessening the water flow through the shower practicing temperature control. If the temperature control is turned on anti-clockwise, this will upsurge the water flow through the triton t300si chrome shower and is designated by lower numbers. If the temperature control is turned on clockwise, it will lessen water flow through the shower and is represented by higher numbers.

  •  Shower Head

Counted in the purchase are a flexible shower hose and head. There are five showerhead Spray patterns. Multiple spray patterns usually deliver a more discrete showering experience.

You can buy triton t300si from screw fix or amazon.

  • Phased shut down

The water runs for a limited second to flush out already heated water before stopping completely. It is ideal for the next user protection and to avert limescale build-up. Before manual operation of the triton t300si shower, the commissioning and purge pin dealings must be adequately completed.

  • Low-Pressure Indicator 

A low-pressure indicator provides warning LED lights if water pressure becomes too short, disturbing the performance.

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  • Overheat cut-out

During regular operation of the triton t300si shower, if an overheat temperature is detected, the power to the elements will be abridged. Water will continually flow from the electric shower. When the weather gets cooled satisfactorily, the details will inevitably be restored to the earlier setting at the time of disruption.

Power10.8 KW
Advance FeaturesPhase shut down
Thermostatic temperature stability
Five spray patterns
Low-pressure indicator
Safety cut-out
Overheat cut out
ControlsPush-button on/off
Separate temperature and flow control

Triton T300si Wireless Electric Shower



  • Safety cut-out 

The unit is built-in with a non-resettable over-temperature protection device. In irregular operation, which could cause hazardous temperatures within the unit, the device will detach the heating elements. It will entail a skilled engineer’s visit to define the fault’s nature and substitute the safety device once the unit has been fixed.

  • Triton Guarantee:

Triton provides a guarantee to this product against all machine-driven and electrical defects arising from defective artistry or materials for two years for local use only, from the purchase date, provided that an experienced person has mounted it in full accordance with the relevant guidelines.

  • Provides 2 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • It has a Start / Stop Button for Set & Forgets Showering
  • Push-Button Power Control
  • Temperature Control
  • 5-Spray Pattern
  • Low Voltage Wired Technology
  • Sometimes a little expensive for the homeowner

Triton T300si Wireless Electric Shower


Triton T300si Wireless Electric Shower, Satin/Chrome, is an ideal shower. It’s Modish and comfortable using a control panel to be placed up to 3.5 meters far from the power unit. To avert limescale, build up the showerhead comprises of rub-clean nozzles and the control panel. A phased shutdown strategy is also present to flush out heated water. The illuminated start/stop button confirms equal settings every time. It is ideally appropriate for cupboard or loft installations.

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