The Triton Seville electric shower is a range of shower that gives excellent quality and outstanding value for money. The proud British manufacturers; Trition Ltd had been winning the hearts of people over 40 years. They are known for their best design, engineering, and customer care services.

The contemporary design and features make it stand among other electric showers. It is suitable for cold water mains only. The easy to use temperature and flow regulator with the most simple and elegant design makes it the ultimate solution for people across the world. Various power options make it a preferable product. The beautiful finishes will give your washroom a luxurious look.


  • Power

The Seville Triton electric shower is available in four power ranges; 7.5kW, 8.5kW, 9.5kW, 10.5kW. The power intensity ranging from an ample 7.5 kW to a maximum of 10.5kW caters a large user rate. The users can choose low or medium to maximum power according to their choice. The greater the power the more efficient the working and flow of water.


  • Simple Design

The Seville triton is known for its simple and elegant design. It has more basic features and a single spray pattern with a showerhead of 70mm.

When the device is connected to the power supply the power on indicator will flashes. There is no push-button start. There are two smooth rotators for temperature and power control. To start the shower turn it to red or blue symbol and stop it turn the power selector to “stop”.

  • Operations:

Use of Power Selector:

The temperature rotator is very convenient and smooth to use. Temperature can be altered by increasing and decreasing the flow of water through the clockwise or anticlockwise rotation.

Use of Temperature Rotator:

Mira has a unique anti-scale technology that prohibits the build-up of limescale. This patent technology improves the life of your shower by 50%. It will also improve the working ability and flow of water to give you an excellent showering experience.

  • Safety Functions:

Power cut-out due to Low water pressure:

The Seville Triton has an excellent safety technique that prevents scalding by terminating the connection with the heating element of the shower if the water pressure decreased by the minimum required temperature.  The power will be restored when the required pressure is attained.

Over Temperature protection

The Seville triton electric showers have an over-temperature protecting device that will cut out the connection of the shower from the heating device if the pressure of water becomes low. The heating device will be ignited again when the pressure becomes adequate. This will save the user from any accidental situation.

Pressure Relief safety device:

The pressure relief safety device (PRD) is installed in the appliance. It will protect the shower unit from excessive pressure built up within the shower.

Safety cut-out

The modern Seville triton has a built-in non-resettable thermal device that will be cut out from the heating device in any bizarre circumstance. It needs an engineer or qualified person to reset the device when it has a thermal cut out.

  • Economical

With all the safety techniques, latest technology, and beautiful design, the Seville Trition is admirably reasonable than other electrical showers. It gives a good value of money with a blissful showering experience

  • Efficient working

The Saville triton is also known for its efficient working. It will give you hot water instantly without waiting. It works on cold water mains and doesn’t need any stored hot water. 

Prominent Features
ControlsRotary Power
Adv. Features
Spray Patterns
Dimansions305 x 210 x 110mm
triton seville electric shower


  • Easy Cleaning:

The Seville Triton has easy rub-clean nozzles for limescale prevention and efficient working. Cleaning of the filter is also very important for a constant flow. The inlet filter must be cleaned periodically by a competent person.

  • Anti-twist Hoze:

The hoze length is about 1m. The Seville triton provides anti-twist 1m hoze that provides smooth flow and  refrains water from phasing out

  • Easy replacement options.

The Seville electric showers come with multiple water and cable entry points for an easy replacement of an old shower. It can replace Cara, Castano, Amber 3, Triton Madrid 2,  Aviva, Rapide 2 Plus, Rapide 3 Plus, Rapide R1, Amber 3, Ivory 2, Enrich, Enchant, Alicante, Caselona, Sambada, and Aquatronic 1 Plus models.

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  • Product Guarantee:

Triton guarantees the mechanical, craftsmanship, or material of the domestic shower unit for a period of two years but it is essential that the unit is installed by a professional following the instructions.

Triton also assures after-sale services for the replacing and repairing of any defected part.

  • Color Availability:

The Seville triton is available in two colors; white and chrome. The white finish will give a luxurious look to your washroom. The white and chrome color can match any bathroom setting.

  • Simple design
  • Two separate power and temperature rotators.
  • Available in two colors; white and chrome.
  • Rub-clean nozzles
  • Anti-twist hose.
  • Low-pressure indicator.
  • Good value for money
  • Single spray pattern

Final words:

The Seville Triton is a shower range from trusted British manufacturers. It has a contemporary design and features that add a luxury statement to your washroom.

The ergonomic design with multiple cables and water inlets is an ultimate new replacement option for you. The smooth separate control system for temperature and pressure and an outstanding flow will give you a showering bliss for you and your family. The Triton Seville fulfills BEAB, CE, BSI Kitemark safety standards.

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