How to Install an Electric Shower

The fact is undoubtedly clear that electric showers have brought our lives at ease. We have got rid of the frustrations of conventional showers, and now we take a shower with more comfort and satisfaction.

The first thing after selecting an electric shower that comes to the mind is its installation. The functioning of an electric shower utilizes a combination of water and electricity. This combination is dangerous and needs high-level precautionary measures during installation.

If you are planning to install a new electric shower, you need to contact a professional plumber or electrician to get this job done for you. It is because, for the first time, you will need to have new fittings of water inlets and electric connection. Only that professional will be familiar with how to install an electric shower safely and will ensure the better working of the electric shower.

If you are replacing your already installed electric shower, then there is a possibility that you can do that on your own. The electrical and water inlets would be already installed, and all you need is to fix the new electric shower and rail in place of the old one.

If your new electric shower possesses higher voltage electric power, then you need to call an electrician to upgrade the electric connection for the new shower.

Plumbing Requirements to Install an Electric Shower

The plumber’s job while installing an electric shower is quite simple. All he needs to do is to provide a water inlet from the cold- water storage. Usually, a 15mm diameter pipe is used to provide a water source to the electric shower.

Electrical Requirements to Install an Electric Shower

In the installation process of an electric shower, providing the electric supply is a bit tricky. It has to be installed while keeping all the safety measures and precautions in mind.

The electric shower must be installed 6 feet away from the power supply and at least 6 feet above the floor.

The fuses for electric showers can be different depending upon the voltage of the power supply. The fuse protects an electric appliance if the flow of electricity exceeds its required value. A high voltage electric shower will require a large fuse.

However, there should be a separate fused circuit for an electric shower for better protection. A ceiling-mounted switch will also serve to be more protective for an electric shower user.

The cable wires used for electric supply can also vary. It is suggested to use a 10 square mm cable, which will be helping if you again decide to replace your electric shower in the future.

Cost for Professional Installment of an Electric Shower

Installing a new electric shower with the help of a plumber can cost you a significant amount. Even a simple installation without any complexity to handle can cost you more than the price of an electric shower.

Reliable installer for electric shower

For a safe and proper installation of your electric shower, your installer should be a professional. You should consider an installer who is a member of a self-certified scheme like

  • British Standards Institution
  • BRE
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