The Mira Elite QT 9.8kW Pumped Electric Shower

Mira Elite Multi-fit electric pumped shower is manufactured by the prestigious and renowned organization, “Kohler Mira.” That is made with Sharp, cutting-edge design, and next-generation technology. The Latest and Advanced solution for warming water!

Mira Elite Electric Showers includes three different power types, 8.5 kW to 10.8 kW. The tech inside the Mira Elite makes it the fittest and most suitable amongst its competitors.


  • Consistent and Flawless Showering

The clear-scale technology combining with the stainless, rub-clean nozzles allow, enable, and facilitate a consistent and steady flow of water for an intensifying showering experience.

  • Clear Scale Technology

Mira st 9.8kw pumped electric shower has a comfortable and unique precise scale technology that executes the shower unit to become free of limescale build-up. It improves the life-time of that shower unit by a total of 50%. The pure scale technology ensures the steady stream of water and improving and enhancing the ” Mira showering experience.”

  • Power

Mira Elite Pumped Electric Shower is available in three power variants; 8.5kW, 9.5kW, this one, Mira Elite st 9.8kw, and Mira Elite st 10.8kW. The easy to use options supply the blending of exceptional layout and the most forward-looking technology. The series of power facilitates and expedites, allows, and helps the consumer determine and decide the passion according to his/her demand and requirement.

  • Cold and Dependable Mains

The Mira Elite St Electric shower operates on cold mains only and only. It heats water on-demand only. The moment you switch on the water, it will start working. It does not depend on the hot water that the boiler has collected and stored hot water.

  • The Latest and Modern-Most Design

The Mira Elite Qt pumped electric showers have been designed to contemplate and intensify the luxurious and marvelous look of your washroom. The embellish push start and stop buttons are easy to use as well as give a futuristic look. Furthermore, this also retains the pressure and temperature settings every time the shower is used.

The individual and separate temperature and pressure control rotators provide you the complete freedom of usage. The rotating and circling power control option arrives with three different settings; low, Eco, and high. It also includes a built-in feature of auto-shutdown for emergency and un-planned occasions and circumstances.

  • The Eco-Friendliness of Mira

The Eco-friendly Mira Elite Pumped shower saves and maintains the water at almost 30% on its Eco mode, and when the Eco Mode is switched on, the water flow does not reduce or decrease. Instead, the consistent flow is a 100% guarantee from the company and the brand.

  • Easy Replacement of the Previous Shower

The Mira Elite Qt Pumped Electric Shower – 9.8kw is a definite and precise option for the replacement of your last shower, and that is because of the flexible and adjustable slide bar that easily will fit on the wholes of your last shower. Furthermore, it has multi water and cable inlets that provide and accommodate you with a comfortable replacement option that does not require much work, expertise, and time.


  • Easy Cleaning of the Shower

Mira Elite Pumped Electric shower is a piece of cake to maintain higher efficiency and a longer life-time by regular cleaning. The nozzles of the Mira Elite qt 9.8 kw Pumped shower can be cleaned easily by a soft and wet piece of cloth. However, the filter of the shower should be cleaned periodically by a professional to avoid any mishandling.

  • Color choices availability

A total of two colors are available for the Mira Elite 2 electric showers, which include White, a glorious and universal color known and used by many homes around the globe and considered as an elegant and decent color. It brightens your washroom and gives life to it. The other color is chrome, which beautifies and intensifies the restroom’s dignity and beauty and provides a luxurious and glorious theme to it.

Prominent Features
Advance featuresClearscale™ technology
Pressure stabilized temperature control
Five spray showerhead
Eco setting
ControlsPush button start/stop,
Separate power and temperature controls
Mira elite electric shower


  • The Spray Pattern

The showerhead of Mira Elite Pumped shower is about 110mm and consists of 4 spray patterns that provide excellent and extraordinary coverage. These innovative and quality patterns will provide you with a more considerable extent and multiple options and settings to choose from the more substantial comforting designs.

  • Pressure Stabilized Temperature Control

The Mira Elite Pumped showers have the most advanced technology for sustaining pressure in your unit. The lows of the pressure define the highs of the rate of temperature, and in that case, the Mira pressure stabilizer supports and assists in maintaining temperature.

This type of tech will benefit from securing you and other people from scalding. It will hold and sustain your desired and demanded showering temperature.

  • Product guarantee

The Mira Elite Qt Pumped shower comes up with the guarantee of material and artistry over a total period of two years. During these two years, Mira Elite Pumped shower spare parts can be replaced by their professionals and technicians. This guarantee applies to the U.K and the Republic of Island.

  • Ultimate flexibility 

Proper and flexible fitting is provided for a necessary and easy installation. It also helps to cover the existing screw holes to give it a perfect and spotless look.

  • Complete Package

The package with the Mira Elite shower also includes a slide bar and support, a flexible hose, a soap dish, and adjustable clamp brackets assembly. It makes it a complete package that provides everything a consumer needs for their shower.

  • Stylish and modern design
  • Easy to use features
  • Amazing performance
  • Easy to install
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Versatile and Efficient
  • The performance may decrease at low water pressure

Mira elite electric shower installtion guide


Over 90 years, the experience helps the manufacturers and the designers make Mira Elite Qt 9.8 kw become an outstanding and premium product that is the fittest choice for every customer who wants it. It is made from artistic design and technology in showering. The user-friendly options and interface help every person in the family to use it easily.

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