There are many different types of Electric Showers out there in the market; however, if you are looking for something extraordinary, the Mira Vie 9.5kW Electric Shower is the best available option for you. Its high-quality performance, easy to use features, cost-effective nature, and eco-friendly specifications make it one of the best electric showers.

The Mira Vie 8.5kW White Electric Shower integrates excellent efficiency with durability and usability in a sophisticated carved model. Highly innovative pressure controlled temperature regulation reduces temperature swings, even if somebody is using a tap.

In this Mira Vie 8.5 kW Electric Shower review, we will explain everything you are looking for.


  • Amazing User Experience

The Mira Vie 9.5kW Electric Shower ensures the uninterrupted water supply, which improves the showering experience. Even at a low voltage, the Mira Vie provides a steady water supply that makes it extremely efficient and reliable. It lasts longer than any other shower; as a result, you can enjoy your new Mira Vie Electric shower for an extended time.

  • Efficiency & High-Quality Performance

The Mira Vie 10.8kW Electric Shower is extremely efficient and reliable, offers high-quality performance. The easy to use features and durability of Mira Vie, combined with amazing efficiency, make it the best electric shower in the market. It is equipped with a temperature regulation option, which gives you more freedom in its usage.

By simple one press, you can easily adjust the water temperature, which gives an amazing showering experience. The Mira Vie Electric Shower Manual temperature regulation feature makes it a versatile option for the showering experience.

  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning:

The Mira Vie Electric shower’s maintenance is extremely easy, and with a little care, it can prove a lifetime asset. Apart from that, this shower’s usage is extremely easy, and even little kids can operate it with great ease and comfort. So if you are looking for a cost-effective, easy to use, eco-friendly, and high-quality electric shower, the Mira Vie is specially designed for you, which will give you a lifetime experience. When we talk about its cleaning, it is incredibly easy to clean the Mira Vie Electric shower. You can clean the Mira Vie with a clean piece of cloth in moments

  • Cost-Effective Nature

There are several reasons to love the Mira Vie 8.5kW White Electric Shower; however, its cost-effective nature is something which makes it special. If you are low on budget and looking for a high-quality electric shower, the Mira Vie is highly recommended to you. Without spending a huge chunk of money, you can manage one of the best electric showers in the shape of Mira Vie.

  • Clear scale Technology

Mira Clearscale technology decreases the limescale build-up by approximately 50%, increases the shower’s lifetime, and retains the shower efficiency.

  • The Showerhead

It comes in a single spray showerhead with a clear rubbing nozzle for quick limescale elimination. However, cleaning the holes of the showerhead may be challenging, and you can get it done from a specialist technician. This will not only restore the performance of the Mira Vie but will also give an elegant look to your Mira Vie electric shower.

  • Temperatures And Power Settings

The shower includes different temperatures and power settings with a simple on/off and an Ecosystem programmed to preserve both electricity and water. Along with the power button, a temperature regulation button helps you adjust the temperature and improve user experience.

  • Attractive Design

Another vital reason to love your new Mira Vie Electric Shower is its attractive design. It is built in such a way that you won’t stop yourself from loving your new elegant Mira Vie Electric Shower Chrome 8.5kW. It will not only increase the look of your bathroom but, at the same time, it will also provide top-notch performance.

Prominent Features
Hose Length1250mm
ColorsWhite & Chrome
Warranty2 years
Dimansions329 x 101 x 220mm
Hose Length 1250mm
Pipe Connector Size15 mm


  • Beautiful Color Combinations

The Mira Vie is not only equipped with state-of-the-art technology but also gives an attractive look. It finishes in white & chrome colors, which amazingly increases the beauty of your bathroom.

So if your bathroom is missing an electric shower, add Mira Vie 8.5kW White Electric Shower to your washroom that will not give beauty to your washroom, but will also enhance your showering experience.

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  • Durable & Long-Lasting

Along with other advantages, one of the most appealing features of Mira Vie is its durability. It lasts longer than any other electric shower available in the market. Therefore, no other electric shower comes even closer to the caliber of Mira Vie as it has the upper hand over its competitors in many areas.

  • Two Years Warranty

The Mira company has been producing quality products over the years and all its product are good. However, the Mira Vie model is an exceptional model with excellent performance. The company backs its products and offers two years warranty for the Mira Vie Electric Shower against any fault in the product.

  • Easy Installation

The installation of Mira Vie Electric Shower in the bathroom is straightforward. You do not need to be an expert to replace your old shower with a brand new Mira Vire Electric Shower. The universal slot has been designed to fit in the hole with great ease.

You can fit the Mira Vie Electric Shower in the bathroom in moments and you will enjoy the showering experience. If you face any difficulty, read the Mira Vie Electric Shower installation and user guide available in the packing.

  • Water & Energy Saver
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Limescale remover
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Two years warranty
  • Low power may decrease the performance of Mira Vie 8.5kW White Electric Shower

Mira Vie Electric shower installtion guide

Final verdict:

Besides, its maintenance, cleaning, and temperature regulation is quite easy and offers more freedom and independence in its usage. So if you aim to get your hands on a flawless electric shower that is both budget-friendly and efficient, the Mira Vie electric shower might be the perfect option for you.

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