Mira Jump Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

Tired of having a weak shower in your bathroom? The Mira Jump electric shower helps you in giving more power than you ever desired for. With 5 spray patterns and pressure stabilized temperature regulator, you can get your ideal showering experience.

So, what makes Mira jump shower experience remarkable? First, it sprays a powerful stream of water, always providing a rejuvenating experience. It has a 90mm shower head and comprises 5 exciting spray patterns, to choose your particular showering heaven. Personalize it further by easily adjusting the temperature and flow intensity to fully meet your requirements, all thanks to individual controls. Also, a separate start/stop button means that your settings will be remembered next time.

The Mira Jump 10.8kw electric shower has an ecological setting, which is ideal for those who are keen to contribute to the environment and reduces water consumption during showering.

Mira’s outstanding Clearscale™ technology will reduce the scale accumulation by up to 90%, ensuring that your shower will perform well in the next few years. The electric shower Mira jump is accessible from Direct Heating Supplies in 3 different power selections, all running at 240V.


  • Appearance and design

The components of the Mira jump multi-fit electric shower 8.5KW White & Chrome are robust, sturdy, and packed in a high-quality white plastic casing. The shell is completely waterproof and can be extended to make it flush contrary to the wall.

The design has fully considered the needs of users. The dial for hot water control is beautiful and thick, and it is easy to use even when the hands are wet after a shower.

The showerhead itself has a matching white handle and nozzle, which matches well with the chromed hose and riser. With its stylish curved edges and elegant design, Mira Jump shower rooms and showers attract people’s attention and can complement almost any modern bathroom environment.

  • Easy to install

The main selling point of the Mira Jump electric shower series is that it is very easy to install as a replacement for the existing shower system.

Mira actively supports the point that Mira Jump is a retro-fit solution, so if you want to replace Mira, Triton, or Aqualisa showers (and showers from other manufacturers), then Mira Electric Shower 8.5Kw White & Chrome is one of the topmost competitors for your installation.

The Mira Jump Multi-Fit electric shower can receive water and cable water from the left or right-hand side, providing installers up to thirty-six installation combinations. A large number of installation options make the installation extremely flexible and eliminate the pressure during the construction process. Plumbers and installers will be greatly appreciated!

  • System Compatibility

The Mira Jump Multi-Fit electric shower functions as the main part of the cold water main setup (therefore, the system does not rely on stored hot water).

This means that when using the shower, the electric shower will heat the cold water main.

If the water pressure in your home is not high enough, you may need to consider discussing the use of shower pumps with the installer or consider alternative showers that take this into account, such as the Mira Sport Airboost model.

  • Cost-Effective Nature

There are several reasons to love the Mira Vie 8.5kW White Electric Shower; however, its cost-effective nature is something which makes it special. If you are low on budget and looking for a high-quality electric shower, the Mira Vie is highly recommended to you. Without spending a huge chunk of money, you can manage one of the best electric showers in the shape of Mira Vie.

  • Easily switches your existing electric shower

Multiple cables and water inlets make Mira jump electric shower manual an ideal shower to replace existing electric showers.

  • Simple settings

The on/off button is very easy to use and 3 flow settings can be selected. Shower on demand.

  • Flexibility

The flexible connector is easy to install and adjust, helping to cover the existing screw holes to achieve a perfect surface effect.

  • Durable shower

Mira Clearscale™ technology can reduce scale accumulation by up to 50%, which means longer showering time and better performance.

Prominent Features
Advance featuresClearscale™ technology
Pressure stabilized temperature control
Five spray showerhead
Eco setting
ControlsPush button start/stop,
Separate power and temperature controls
Mira Jump Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome


  • Greater coverage

It has basically 3 showering heads for your choice of experience, and scrub the nozzles for easy cleaning.

  • Eco-function

Environmental settings can help you save water and energy.

  • Warranty

It provides a 2-year warranty. Mira warranty covers the original purchase and installation. Mira charges a nominal summoning fee (approximately £80) for non-product failures (such as damage or problems caused by improper installation, improper use, improper cleaning, lack of maintenance, limescale, frost damage, chemical corrosion, corrosion, system debris, or the clogged filters) or if the engineer got no fault. Repairs under this warranty do not extend the original validity period of replacement parts or showers.

  •  Finished in attractive white and chrome.
  •  Easy to use, independent temperature and flow control.
  •  Environmental protection settings help to save a lot of water.
  •  Clearscale™ technology ensure a longer service life of the shower bar.
  •  Filter is easy to check.
  • Low power may decrease the performance of Mira Vie 8.5kW White Electric Shower

Mira Jump Electric Shower installtion guide

Final words:

If you want to replace an existing electric shower, Mira Jump Multi-Fit electric shower is the perfect solution. Mira Jump Multi-Fit is equipped with flexible accessories and multiple cables and water inlets, making it an ideal upgrade for your electric shower. Jump Multi-Fit has all the qualities and functions that Mira shower has, it has a simple on/off button and 3 water flow settings-low, high, and environmentally friendly. Environmental protection features help save water and reduce energy consumption, making Mira Jump an economical choice.

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