Sit down and observe the status of Mira’ escape 9.8kw excellent electric shower in the bathroom. It’s wonderful and unique design attracts the attention of anyone who steps into the room. Let this shower add new vitality to your bathroom and last for many years. The Mira escape shower head has constant temperature stability to ensure the whole family’s safety during the shower. It provides the maximum temperature stop function to improve safety. 

Another advantage of this Mira Escape electric shower is to provide independent power and temperature flow control to fine-tune your perfect storm. There is an on/off button, so you can keep the energy and temperature controls at your preferred settings. The ultra-thin modern design looks great in any bathroom. It has four spray shower head with rubber nozzles that can be scrubbed for easy removal of scale.


  • Guarantee

For household appliances, Mira Showers guarantees that Mira Escape 9.0 kW and 9.8 kW will not show any defects in materials or craft for two years from the date of purchase (one year from the purchase of shower accessories). For non-domestic installations, Mira Showers guarantees any defects in the materials or workmanship of Mira Escape 9.0 kW and 9.8 kW within one year from the date of purchase. Mira escape is available on amazon and Screwfix.

  • Chrome Finish

The Mira Escape 9.8KW electric thermostatic chrome-plated shower is designed with a stunning chrome surface that can enhance your bathroom design. Thus, making this Mira Escape 9.8KW electric thermostatic electric shower genuinely eye-catching.

  • 4 Spray Patterns

This Mira Escape electric shower plus white has a four spray shower head, which allows you to switch between 4 different spray modes to get the most pleasant shower experience.

  • Modern Design

This Mira Escape 9.8KW electric thermostatic chrome shower adopts a stylish and modern design, transforming any bathroom into a more luxurious space.

  • Simple Settings

The on/off button is easy to use, and you can select three flow settings—shower on demand. Mira escape installation guidelines are present in the Mira escape manual.

  • Safer Showering

Constant temperature control and Mira Sensi-flo technology help prevent the danger of burns and ensure safer showers for the entire family.

  • Stylish Design

Slim modern design with full chrome finish.

Power9.8 KW
Advance FeaturesClearscale™ technology
Thermostatic temperature stability
Sensi-flo helps prevent scalding
Four spray patterns
ControlsPush-button on/off
Separate temperature and flow control
Mira Escape 9.8 KW Electric Shower



  • Consistent Showering Performance

Mira Clearscale technology can reduce scale accumulation by up to 50%, which means longer showering time and better performance.

  • Greater Coverage

Large 4 spray showerhead can provide more experience, can wipe the nozzles, easy to clean.

  • Temperature Control

The first task of the shower is to keep the required water temperature constant. The electric shower with thermostatic control can maintain a stable temperature in the entire range from cold to hot while also coping with fluctuations in electricity and water supply. 

As a result, the shower cannot exceed the temperature limit. For safety reasons, this temperature is set at the factory, so it cannot be adjusted to make the shower temperature higher or lower.

  • Supply Conditions

  • Minimum maintenance pressure: 0.7 bar (7m head)
  • Maximum maintenance pressure: 5.0 bar (50 meters head)
  • Maximum static pressure: 10.0 bar (100 meters head)
  • Mira Clear Scale Technology

Mira Escape 9.8KW electric thermostatic electric shower-white adopts transparent scale technology, which can remove your equipment from scale accumulation. The exact scale technology will further increase the life and performance of the shower by 50%. This technology will enhance the shower experience by ensuring the continuous flow of water.

  • Thermostatic Technology

Mira Escape has a built-in thermostatic temperature and temperature control function, a safe choice for you and your family. By keeping the temperature at the desired level, this function will avoid scalding.

Thermostatically controlled mixing cold water to maintain temperature. Compared with ordinary electric showers, showers with thermostatic control can deal with fluctuations in water and electricity more effectively. Their first task is to keep the required temperature.

  • Cleaning

Many household cleaners contain abrasives and chemicals, so they should not be used to clean electroplated or plastic parts or accessories. These finishes should be cleaned with a neutral detergent or soap solution and then wiped dry.

  • De-scaling the showerhead

Keeping the showerhead clean and free of scale will ensure that your shower and nozzle continue to perform their best. A clogged shower head restricts flow and may damage the shower.

  • Inspecting the hose

You have to check the hose regularly for damage or internal collapse. The internal failure will limit the flow of the showerhead and may damage the shower. Remove the shower hose from the shower, check and replace the hose if necessary.

  • Benefits for the customer

It has independent temperature and flow control devices and has four spray nozzles, which is beneficial to customers.

  • Faced Shutdown

The phased shutdown is a technology used in almost all Mira electric showers. The phased shutdown will wash down all remaining water after turning off the device for a few seconds, thus making the next user safe. It can also protect the equipment from accumulating scale, thereby extending the equipment’s service life by 50%.

  • Draws water directly from the mains supply
  • Mira Clear scale technology
  • Thermostatic control keeps a safe temperature during showering
  • Phased shutdown
  • Rub-clean nozzles for stress-free limescale elimination
  • Comes with a 2-year Warranty
  • Temperature can fluctuate.
  • Phased shutdown strategy sometimes wastes water

Mira Escape Electric Shower Installation Guide


Mira Escape brings you an extra safe thermostatic electric shower, a safe maximum temperature set at the factory, and a button starts/stop button with a backlit power indicator. It uses transparent scale technology, reducing scale accumulation, thereby improving performance and extending service life. 

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