Worried due to the unstable water pressure?? Try Mira Azora 9.8kW electric shower. Electric showers work their best even in a low-pressure water system.  They are best for the gravity-fed water system and provide a stable temperature instantly without waiting much for a boiler to collect hot water and then supply.

Mira Azora Frosted Glass electric shower is an impressive model from Kohler Mira Ltd in a very remarkable design and technology. It is an ultimate and modern technology that gives a luxurious look to your bathroom.  The frosted glass looks tremendous with any bathroom decor. The ample power level delivers a great showering experience within adequate electricity usage.

The 90-year ordeal of Mira showers has summed up incredible service, versatility, style, and tremendous technology thus making it a timeless product. The advancement in technology develops an inventive design to give you a showering experience like never before. The ultimate showering control and power option make it suitable for any contemporary bathroom setting.

Mira Azora frosted glass 9.8kW electric shower


  • Power

Mira Azora electric shower frosted glass is available in power of 9.8kW. This is a very adequate power level that can be best suited to any family. With less consumption of electricity, Mira Azora is a user-friendly appliance that supplies excellent pressure and flow of water. 

  • Simple setting

The Mira Azora 9.8kW electric showers are designed to facilitate the user with an easy to use push-button start and stop. The illuminating push-button gives a luxury touch.

There is a separate temperature and flow control system that gives freedom of use. Moreover, the separate setting for temperature and flow maintains the previous setting and hence delivers a personal showering experience.

The rotating temperature gives three settings for rising temperatures. The temperature of the water boosts with each setting and the flow rate will increase with the increase in temperature.

  • Contemporary Design:

Mira Azora frosted glass electric shower is constructed on a sleek design. The frosted glass, control panel,  and the contemporary chrome shower and rail give an extra luxurious look and a great style statement for your washroom.

  • Mira Clear scale technology:

The clear-scale technology is known in Mira showers for making your appliance clear from limescale build-up. The clear scale technology will further increase the life and performance of your shower unit by 50%. This technology will enhance the showering experience by ensuring a consistent flow of water.

  • Thermostatic Technology:

The Mira Azora frosted glass has built-in thermostatic temperature control as a safety option for you and your family. This feature will avoid scalding by maintaining the temperature at the required degree.

The thermostatic control mixes the cold water to keep the temperatare maintained.

As compared to ordinary electric shower the showers with thermostatic control deal with the fluctuations in water and electricity supplies more efficiently. Their top priority is to maintain the required temperature.

  • Sensi flo™ Technology :

The Mira Azore frosted glass 9.8kW shower is built on the Sensi flo technique that reduces the chance of scalding by maintaining the temperature of the water when the pressure of water is decreased. The sensi flo technology makes this shower unit reliable and safer for you and your family. It turned the unit off when pressure is reduced due to blockage in the showerhead or hoze.

  • Spray Pattern:

Mira Azora comes up with 4 spray patterns i.e start, soothe, force and Eco. The showerhead is 110mm that gives extra coverage for a greater showering experience. You can select any pattern from mild and moderate to robust to energize your day.

  • Phased Shutdown:

The phased shutdown is a technique that is used in almost all Mira electric showers. The phased shutdown flushes out all the residual water after turning off the unit for some seconds thus making it safe for the next user. It also protects the unit from limescale build-up and hence increases the life of your unit by 50%.

Prominent Features
ControlsPush button start/stop,
Rotatory power and temperature control.
Adv. Features
Clearscale technology,
Pressure Stabilize Temperature Control,
low pressure indicator.



  • Easy Cleaning and installation:

Mira Azora 9.8kW electric shower is easy to install and clean. The clear scale technology already clears your shower from limescale build-up and rub clean nozzles further makes the appliance clean and clear.

  • Complete supply:

Mira Azora is supplied complete with a complete hose retaining ring, supports, flexible hose, clamp bracket assembly, and soap dish.

  • Cost-Efficient:

With all the supplies, contemporary design, chrome shower head, and amazing assembly, Mira Azora has a complete package at an effective cost. It is a very economical shower that can be used for domestic and light commercial purposes.

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  • Guarantee Available:

Mira Azora 9.8kW electric showers are available for two years of guarantee. The guarantee applies to quality, craftsmanship, and material. During the period of two years, spares and parts of Mira Azora can be replaced by the company if required.

  • Four spray patterns
  • Thermostatic control regulated the temperature.
  • Sensi flo technology reduces the chances of scalding.
  • Avoid fluctuations in pressure and temperature.
  • Clear scale technology prevents limescale build-up.
  • Separate temperature and pressure control smooth rotator
  • Phased shutdown can waste water.

Installation Guide

Final words:

Mira Azora Frosted glass 9.8kW is a quality product that can add embellishment and class to your bathroom giving it a luxury look. The contemporary design, consistent flow and pressure of water, thermostatic control and the easy to use push start button along with a fascia design will give  you a peaceful showering bliss.

The unique safety features, clearscale technology, sensi flo, and phased shutdown give you all in one unit. To enjoy the full potential of your shower unit please follow the Mira Azora frosted glass 9.8kW electric shower manual. It will also guide you to the setup of the product, guarantee, and installment.

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