Mira Galena Electric Shower – A Complete Review

If your bathroom is yelling out for a stylish new electric shower that’s a cut above the standard selection of white plastic boxes, then the Mira Galena 9.8kW shower could apt the bill superbly. This high-end shower has a range of designer finishes – but it doesn’t come at a low-cost.

The Mira galena 9.8kw electric shower slate is a high-end device in smoothness and elegant design to highlight the bathroom. The shower has a thermostat for safety. The thermostat will save you from burning and keep the temperature. The children can also use it without the fear of getting burnt due to temperature variations. Limescale can also be stopped by almost 50% owing to the clear- scale technology of five sprays. There are separate push buttons for temperature and flow controls to make it easier to use.

The showerhead has five sprays and thus helps in removing any scaling and retains the robustness of the product. So, add some thoughtful good looks into your showering area with a Mira galena, utter attractiveness combined with patented Mira galena electric shower installation and you will get a shower that won’t be beaten.  The best thing about Mira Galena Electric Shower is the warranty period of 2 years, and the brand is intensely agreeing to help in any case of technical problems.

Mira Galena Electric Shower

Prominent Features
Advance features• Clear-scale™ technology
• Thermostatic temperature stability
• Five spray shower-head
• Sensi-flo helps prevent scalding
Controls• Push-button on/off
• Separate temperature and flow controls
Mira Galena 9.8kw electric shower



  • Design

Mira Galena is available at the best price. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that this one is the most luxurious electric shower. All the features you get in it defends the price pretty nicely. With modest but elegant looks and the newest technology, Mira Galena 9.8Kw manual electric shower is something everybody would like to have encompassed in their bathroom.

  • Simple settings

On/off push button is present in Mira galena electric shower for ease of use, along with the choice of 3 flow settings. You can shower on demand.

  • Harmless showering

Thermostatic temperature control and Mira Sensi-flo technology help in preventing the risk of scalding, confirm safer showering for all the family.

  • Trendy design options

Mira galena has 4 stylish design options: contemporary silver glass, sleek black flock, neutral light stone, or stunning slate. All come with premium chrome listing.

  • Consistent showering performance

The clear-scale technology is present in Mira showers to make your appliance clear from limescale build-up. The clear-scale technology will supplementarily enhance the life and working of your shower unit by 5. This technology will improve the showering experience by confirming a steady flow of water.

  • Temperature control

The top priority of the shower is to retain the desired water temperature constant. There is a temperature limit the shower can’t go beyond that 50%.  To prevent any danger, this temperature is factory set and can’t be modified to make the shower warmer or colder.

When it is compared with other electric showers, this shower with temperature and flow control deals with the variations in water and electricity supply very effectively. The top priority of Mira galena 9.8kw electric shower metallic silver is to maintain the required temperature

  • Phased Shutdown

A phase shutdown mechanism is also present to ensure there is no limescale, extending the lifetime of your electric shower. And just in case the showerhead becomes jammed, sensi-flo technology supports to prevent scalding.

  • Sensi-flo technology

The Mira galena 9.8kW shower is built on the Sensi-flo technique that reduces the chance of scalding by maintaining the temperature of the water when the pressure of water is decreased. In this shower head, a sensi-flow technology is present that make this reliable and protective. When the pressure is lessened, it turned the unit off owing to hindrance in the showerhead.

  • Greater coverage

Mira galena electric shower has a large fiver spray showerhead for a more fabulous experience and provides more excellent coverage.


  • Cleaning of electric shower

A lot of households and the industrial cleaners usually comprises of scratchy and chemical substances that can harm the surface of your shower. Just cleanse the shower and fittings with a mild washing-up cleanser or soap solution, and after that wipe them dry with a soft fabric.

  • Functional accessories

Mira galena spare parts include clamp bracket and handy soap dish.

Mira galena installation instructions

  • Supply Voltage should be 230v + 10%
  • Supply rating should be 45 Amp
  • Terminal block connections: Maximum 16mm²
  • Water inlet points: Left (Increasing, falling or rear with an elbow)
  • Cable entry points: left (Increasing, falling or rear)
  • Inlet connections: Brass inlet connector. 15mm compression fitting
  • Outlet connections: 1/2″ BSP Male


  • Guarantee

Mira Showers guarantee the Mira Galena 9.8 kW contrary to any defect in materials for two years for domestic installations. For the non-domestic installations, Mira Showers guarantee the Mira Galena 9.8 kW contrary to any defect in materials or quality for one year.

mira galena 9.8kw electric shower assembly instructions

  • Technologically advanced
  • Safe to use
  • Easy user interface
  • Phased shutdown
  • Not so powerful

Final Words

The Mira Galena is a thermostatic shower with separate controls for power selection and temperature/flow modification. An exclusive thermostatic valve stabilizes the temperature variations began with water pressure fluctuations. These can usually result from taps being turned open or close, or a toilet being flushed. A specific light specifies “START/STOP”. The Mira Galena provides you with unique safety features, clear- scale technology, sensi-flo, and phased shutdown technology.

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