Mira Decor Dual Silver Electric Shower

‘Rainfall’ larger shower heads are best for a calming shower at the end of a hard day, but they are limited to the mixer and pump-fed power sprays. This electric shower is an exemption as it offers you an option of a ‘deluge’ overhead dual electric shower or else a fiercer spray from a smaller distinct hand shower head. At the same period, you cannot have both functioning, but the control valve lets you shift between them in a prompt, without disturbing the heat or the pressure, so you can still acquire the top of both worlds.

Though it has a more dominant heater and pump, the Mira Décor 10.8kW Dual consists of advanced pressure supplies than that of other Mira showerheads, and the only thing you want is a decent flow to have the greatest out of the overhead shower. If that is not an issue, this is eventual in electric shower luxury. Customers presume design and performance at a judicious price. Stylish inside and out, the Mira Decor range is an innovative standard in showering. The Mira Décor 8.5kw range provides the style choice for consumers with three distinct finishes, White, Black Onyx, and Warm Silver. Every modern bathroom wishes the Mira Decor shower.

Mira Decor Dual Silver Electric Shower 10.8 kW


  • Stylish design options

Mira décor dual shower comes in 3 distinctive finishes: Mira décor dual white, Mira décor dual warm Silver, and Mira décor dual Black Onyx, all with premium chrome detailing.

  • Double the experience

Mira dual décor shower can easily switch between 90mm handset and large 200mm torrent overhead. The 90mm handset has a wide spray coverage, which works well when time is less, or you need to take a quick bath. However, there is also a 200mm rain shower head, giving a more robust shower experience. Many of you might get a chance to relax in the bathroom, so this is the ideal way to enjoy a peaceful time. Jump in and wash away your worries

  • Temperature control

Mira decor dual silver effect electric shower 10.8 kilowatts, the first task of this shower is to keep the required water temperature constant. The shower has a temperature limit, which cannot be exceeded! The clever diverter ensures that you maintain a stable temperature when switching between the two showerheads.

  • Dual showering

When your shower time is short, Mira decor dual warm silver 10.8kw can provide a wide spray coverage. Or, if you have extra time to indulge, a large deluge overhead is a perfect choice.

  • Clear scale technology

Mira Decor range features Mira’s Clearscale™ technology. Mira decor dual silver effect electric shower 10.8 kW adopts clear-scale technology for making your equipment free from the accumulation of limescale. With the rub-clean nozzle, you can easily keep the showerhead clean and work as required. Clear-scale technology will further increase the life and performance of the shower by 50%. This technology will enhance the shower experience by ensuring the continuous flow of water.

  • Phased Shutdown

The phased shutdown is a technology used in almost all Mira electric showers. The phased shutdown will flush out all remaining water after turning off the device for a few seconds, thus making the next user safe. It also protects the shower from the accumulation of scale and extends the service life of the equipment.

  • Consistent showering performance

Mira Clearscale™ technology can reduce the accumulation of limescale, which means it gives longer showering time and better performance.

Prominent Features
Advance featuresClearscale™ technology
Thermostatic temperature stability
Dual showering showerhead
Sensi-flo helps prevent scalding
ControlsPush-button on/off
Separate temperature and flow control
Mira Decor Dual Silver Electric Shower 10.8 kW



  • Flexible install

To give you more flexibility, Mira Decor Dual can be fixed at a specific angle. The adjustable arm provides the ultimate choice for the placement of a shower on the top of your head. The slide bar and shower head can be easily installed on the left or right side of the shower unit.

  • Simple settings

Separate flow and temperature control buttons allow you to select the desired shower setting with a simple on/off button.

  • Easy cleaning

Appreciations to the smooth flat surface, the shower unit is a lot easier to clean, though the handset has a scrubbing nozzle.


  • Easy to fit

Thanks to the adjustable arm, you can place the deluge in any overhead position that suits your bathroom. So this shower head is very easy to fit.

  • Guarantee

Mira Decor Dual Silver 9.8kW electric shower comes with a two-year warranty. The guarantee applies to quality, workmanship, and materials. Within two years, if necessary, the company can replace Mira Azora’s spare parts. Mira décor dual can be easily accessible from Amazon and Screwfix.


  • Dual head showering
  • Unbelievable power – excellent flow rate
  • Instant hot water – for ultimate convenience and speed
  • Mira clearscale™ technology lessens limescale by up to 50%
  • Temperature control
  • Easy to fit
  • One of the pricier picks

Final words

Mira Decor Dual is a clean, modern shower, all-encompassing. If the time is short, a handset with wide spray coverage is perfect. Or, if you want to indulge a little, the large luxury deluge head is ideal for relaxing on the weekend or after a challenging work. It also gives you incredible power on the tap. It lets you customize the intensity with the individual flow and temperature controls, allowing you to fine-tune the shower to suit your needs. Besides, a simple on/off button means you can keep the settings for the next use.

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